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Investment Opportunities and Incentives
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Investment Opportunities and Incentives
Investment Opportunities
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The Government of Gujarat has undertaken several policy measures and incentives in order to attract large investments into the various sectors of the economy. These policies aim to set up the right kind of business climate, improve quality of life of the people and thus promote overall development of the economy. They unveils a roadmap for bolstering the industrial climate of the State. They also envisage various incentives and schemes for the investors.

The major being, the Industrial Policy, which has been formulated to promote sustainable industrial development in the State. The policy aims to achieve global competitiveness for industries in Gujarat and make it one of the most competitive destination for investment. The objectives of the policy are to:-

  • Create a conducive environment for the investors;

  • Equip new entrepreneurs as well as existing enterprises with the latest information in relevant fields;

  • Strengthen the facilitation mechanism at the Government level;

  • Implement the concept of e-governance in letter and spirit;

  • Further strengthen the current mechanism for redressal of legitimate grievances;

  • Develop the best of infrastructure facilities by infusing private sector investment;

  • Empower the industrial estates to undertake developmental responsibilities;

  • Enhance the quality of life in the State;

  • Establish strategic linkages between educational institutions to meet the future requirements of manpower;

  • Take suitable measures for development of human resources through capacity building and skill upgradation;

  • Bring about simplification of rules, regulations and procedural aspects;

  • Arrest environmental degradation;

  • Strengthen the mature manufacturing segments in the State;

  • Promote industries which are labour-intensive in nature so as to create large-scale employment opportunities in the State;

  • Provide assistance to small-scale industries for healthy growth;

  • Strengthen existing industrial clusters and promote new clusters;

  • Assist small and medium industries in getting bank finance;

  • Inculcate a sense of quality consciousness by promoting R & D efforts in the industries;

  • Equip the industries in Gujarat to meet with the challenges of WTO regime;

  • Establish Gujarat as second to none in terms of ‘quality’ and ‘brand image’ of products, on international platform;

  • Ensure adequate supply of natural gas available from Gujarat at competitive tariffs to the industrial units in the State;

  • Rationalize tax regime;

  • Promote port-driven industrialisation;

  • Correct regional imbalances.

Another important policy is the Information Technology (IT) Policy, which has been framed to improve the processes in the Government and provide better delivery systems to the citizens by using computing devices, communication systems associated electronics and softwares. The policy aims to use IT for improving overall organizational efficiency in the State. The objectives of the policy are to:-

  • Promote overall IT growth in the State of Gujarat;

  • Create enormous new employment opportunities in the State;

  • Train and develop skilled manpower in IT;

  • Facilitate information outlets at the doorstep of the common man;

  • Provide better quality of life to the citizens of the State;

  • Make Government-Citizen interface more effective, efficient and transparent.

Also, there is a power policy, which aims to promote the rapid development of the power sector in the State. The objectives of the policy are to:-

  • Plan and build up adequate capacities in generation, transmission and distribution of power through efficient and cost effective means;

  • Achieve optimum utilization of existing equipments and assets through renovation and modernisation;

  • Rationalize the tariff structure to ensure reasonable rate of return to power utilities and generate surplus needed for future investment;

  • Improve delivery of services and achieve cost effectiveness through technical , managerial and administrative restructuring of the utilities;

  • Achieve conservation of energy through efficient utilization and demand side management, and minimising waste;

  • Encourage generation of power through non- conventional sources of energy.

Besides, the Tourism Policy aims to undertake intensive development of tourism in the State and thereby increase employment opportunities. The objectives of the policy are to:-

  • Identify and develop tourist destinations and related activities;

  • Diversify tourism products in order to attract more tourists through a varied consumer choice;

  • Develop pilgrimage centres as tourist destinations;

  • Create adequate facilities for budget tourists;

  • Strengthen the existing infrastructure and develop new ones where necessary;

  • Create tourism infrastructure so as to preserve handicrafts, folk arts and culture of the State; etc.

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